At LUCA Drama we train you to become an actor and a theatre maker. You develop your own artistic profile, in relation to the world and the artistic field. Language and text are the basis for developing your craft. You acquire a flexible employability in the artistic and art education practice.

Acting and Making, Performing and Creating

Our programme is organized as a sequence of modules during which you are introduced with different approaches to acting and making. In the first three semesters the programme is compulsory and strictly sequential. In semesters IV and VI, 2nd and 3rd-year students can choose between modules that either broaden or deepen their competences. Thus, they are stimulated to develop their own approach and choose their own ratio between acting and making, performing and creating.

The transfer of meaning is key: we stimulate you to develop your own point of view and then focus on how (with what means and techniques?) you, as an actor and maker, can present your story to the audience.

We focus on the interpretation of texts and the creation of new material. In doing so, you explore what text is and could be, and you develop a sensitivity for language. You gain insight into your body and voice and learn to apply them theatrically.

More Specific

You receive intensive individual coaching by various interesting performing artists, alternating between collective and individual work. Through theoretical courses you acquire a broad perspective on art and society, which allows you to build your own frame of reference.

In open studio weeks you experiment with (text) material and work forms, with students throughout the programme. Thus, you can develop your artistic trajectory from the first grade into the master’s programme.

We encourage writing and interdisciplinary work.
Courses such as ‘Writers’ Room’ ‘Camera Acting’ and ‘Co-creation’ are organized in collaboration with the LUCA School of Arts sections Film, Music and Visual Arts. A growing number of elective courses allows you to shape your own programme.

OPEK as a stepping stone

In addition to workspaces on the Lemmens campus, we have a studio at OPEK, a new and thriving arts center in Leuven where theatre makers and teachers meet each other in their practice. Drama students use OPEK as a stepping stone to the artistic and educational field.

Artistic and educational master

After finishing your Bachelor in Drama you have the option between an artistic master (one-year) or an artistic-educational master (two-year).
During the educational master you further develop your artistic competences and simultaneously prepare for a professional career in the broad artistic-educational field.

Having completed your artistic master, you can additionally enter in a shortened one-year educational master trajectory.

Future perspectives

During the master’s programme, internships give you the opportunity to explore the professional field, as a performer, maker or writer.  In 2017 and 2018 master’s students worked in ever so various venues and companies as ARSENAAL / LAZARUS, Ultima Thule, Jan Decorte /Sigrid Vinks, hetpaleis, Het nieuwstedelijk, Lisaboa Houbrechts & Kuiperskaai/Toneelhuis, DE MAAN, Theater FroeFroe, Cas-co.

The combination of these internships and our broad educational scope open up plenty of opportunities. Found your own theatre company, become a theatre maker or actor or develop a career in television and in film. Coach social-artistic projects, or teach in the art education field, in part-time artistic education or in primary and secondary education.

LUCA Drama’s team of teachers 1819

Tunde Adefioye, Peter Anthonissen, Nico Boon, Steven Beersmans, Kris Cuppens, Peter De Graeve, Esther de Koning, Lieve Hermans, Els Janssens, Els Jourquin, Bram Kelchtermans, Geert Kestens, Enkidu Khaled, Johan Knuts, Stefanie Lambrechts, Freek Mariën, Emmelien Monnens, Els Olaerts, Sofie Saller, Marina Smolders, Katrien Valckenaers, Jorre Vandenbussche, Barbara Vandendriessche, Kristof Van Perre, Jonas Van Thielen, Sara Vertongen, Godfried Verschaffel and Carl von Winckelmann.


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Hanne De Nef
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