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Our bachelor and master programmes are in Dutch. Yet, we welcome international and foreign language students who wish to take a semester in our programme within the Erasmus +-project. Our teachers master English in a sufficient way to coach you and help you develop your skills. They will do that within the framework of their course or provide special tasks and projects, if necessary.

We accept incoming bachelor students from the second semester of 2BA onwards.

In the master programme, international exchange is facilitated by an individual approach in most of the courses. There is opportunity for students to come with propositions of their own; your study programme will then be predominantly constructed on the basis of these propositions.

Download: Overview modules 2018-2019


LUCA School of Arts – campus Lemmensinstituut
Lemmensberg 3
3000 Leuven

International coordinator:
Hanne De Nef
E-mail: .img@.img

International anchor:
Els Jourquin
E-mail: .img@.img


Bachelor programme LUCA Drama



Acting  (incl. Camera Acting) 16
Acting Training   3
Text Training 3
Theatre Making  10
Speech training, Voice Training and Singing 5
Physical Training: Body and Space 3
History of the Arts (Specific Topics) 3
Dramaturgy and Literary Analysis 3
Conceptual Thinking 3
Artistic Research and Personal Project 3
Critical Practices of the Arts 4
Integrated Reflection about (Theatre) Practice 4


Bachelor Project: Artistic Component 12
Bachelor Project: Reflective Component 3
Acting and Making 15
Cross-disciplinary Work (incl. Camera Acting) 3
Writing 3
Development of Technique (voice, body, acting) 3
Philosophy of  Art 3
Management & Discourse of Performing Arts 4
Critical Practices of the Arts 4
Integrated Reflection about (Theatre)Practice 4
Optional ( 6 ECTS )  
Singing 3
Masterclasses 1 3
Masterclasses 2 3
Art and Psyche 3

Master programme LUCA Drama

Master Project: Artistic Component 20
Master Project: Reflective Component 10
Masterclasses 1 3
Masterclasses 2 3
Artistic Project (12 ECTS)  
Internship, Theatre Performance or Creation 3/6/9/12
Writing 6
Camera Acting 3/6
Personal Project 3/6
Optional (12 ECTS)  
Singing 6
Co-creation 6
Writers’ Room 6



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